MCLE Compliance for New (2014) Lawyers

The current compliance period for the MCLE is April 15, 2013 to April 14, 2016.

As per BM 850 (2001), Members of the IBP who are not exempt shall complete every three (3) years at least thirty-six (36) hours of continuing legal education. There are required subjects and credit units as well. Please check here to refresh your memory about the MCLE.

Obviously, the new lawyers passed the bar within the second year of the current compliance period. What now?

The MCLE Governing Board Order No. 1, s. 2008, states :

“. . . lawyers who pass the Bar when only four (4) months or less remain of the compliance period, are exempted from complying with the MCLE requirement for the said compliance period. They shall comply with the MCLE requirements for the next compliance period.

However, lawyers who are admitted to the Bar either one (1) year after the start of the current compliance period, or two (2) years after the start of the said compliance period, are required to comply with the MCLE requirements in accordance with the MCLE Governing Board resolution dated October 20, 2004, i.e. those admitted one year after the start of the current compliance period must comply with two-thirds (2/3) if the credit units required (24 c.u.) for that period; while those admitted two (2) years after the start of the compliance period should comply with one-third (1/3) of the required credit unit (12 c.u.)”

Hence, the new bar passers are required to complete only 24 credit units within this compliance period. Please also note that there are required subjects to be taken, as follows:


Units/ hours Required

Updates on Substantive and Procedural Laws and Jurisprudence


MCLE Committee Prescribed Subjects


Legal Ethics


Alternative Dispute Resolution


Legal Writing and Oral Advocacy


Trial and Pre-Trial Skills


International Law and International Conventions




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SC OBC Clearance for New Lawyers

The clearance process for those who passed the 2013 Bar exams started on Monday (March 24, 2014). You can process your clearance until April 25, 2014.
The Bar exam passer should process the clearance PERSONALLY. (In the words of the OBC personnel: “Kahit may authorization letter pa yan or SPA.”)

Before you go, prepare two (2) valid IDs. You won’t need to leave an ID with the guard. They will ask you to log in and you will be provided with a green sticker with “OBC” printed on it. Make sure to stick it somewhere visible. Mine didn’t stick to the material of my shirt so the guard on duty gave me another one (and placed it on my shoulder!). Go straight to the OBC (3rd floor, one floor above the office where we got out exam permits).

For those who don’t have any IDs aside from their school IDs (weird), they accepted old law school IDs. Passport, NBI clearance and review school IDs were also accepted. I think for as long as you have your picture and full name on it, they’ll accept it.

Submit your IDs to the personnel in charge. You will be given a form (card) to be filled out. This is for the IBP. You should know which chapter you wish to join. Your name will be called (based on the order you submitted your IDs) and you will be given a clearance form. After this process you will be asked to go to the cashier to pay. (You can pass through the walkway/footbridge on the third floor or go out of the building and walk all the way back to the other side).

As for the payment, total for this year (2014) is Php 4,800.
Bar admission: P3,500;
Certification fee: P100;
IBP annual dues: P1,000;
Building fee: P200).
But if you are going to avail of the IBP Lifetime Membership, you pay a total of P17, 300.
Bar admission: P3,500;
Certification fee: P100;
IBP annual dues: P1,000;
Building fee: P200;
IBP Lifetime fee: P12,500, as per my receipts).

I was told the bar admission fee includes the fee for the Bar Diploma. But, apparently, this takes years for them to process. The personnel told me that they haven’t finished those for the 2011 Bar passers yet. Also, we’d have to petition to get our notebooks but the wait is a year or so. Will check with the OBC and post updates.

After paying, go back to the OBC and submit your completed IBP form (card) to the IBP representative. They’ll ask you if you’re going to pay for the annual due only or the lifetime fee. Once you’ve paid, they’ll direct you to another table where you will be given a notice about the oath taking and the signing of the rolls. They provided us with two (2) guest passes for the oath taking ceremonies. No limit on guests for the signing. The oath taking and the signing of the rolls are on separate days. We processed our clearance on the first day and our schedule for signing was on April 30, two days after the oath taking ceremonies (April 28). These are weekdays as well, so if you have to travel from the province, you and/or your guests better prepare to be away from work for more than just a day.

They’ll tell you to be in a toga during the oath taking and suggest going to the gate to inquire about toga rentals. I thought there was going to be a stall or something. Apparently, the people from the toga rental shop wait at the guard house for those who process their clearance (ha!). Toga rental costs P750 total, P500 is for the deposit. It’s NOT REQUIRED to rent from them since you can always just get a generic black toga from elsewhere. If it is more convenient for you then go ahead and rent. They told us you could get the toga right away.

Hope this helps:)